The structures of my life are really changing now. A part from a period I spent in hospital over nine years ago, my life have never been at the same place for more than two weeks.

My view of life is that there are too many experiences to experience in the short life a single human have, so I automatically find different things to do always, even when I am physically weak and need to rest like now that I have decided to do fasting again.  My plan was to do it for twenty one days and see how well I feel before heading into a three months fast.

I just long for the endless energy I felt when I did a juice fast some years ago and the health benefits and changes I got from it. At the age of almost thirty eight, I still get people amazed at my age compared to my face and skin.

Even though the insights are coming in faster then before, the weakness, discomfort and cramps do stop me in my tracks, the vision of glowing healthy skin and energy will worth it all.

An acquaintance of mine thinks it’s bizare and unnecessary for me to fast because I’m of slim built, this comment made me really look at the way different people view life. It takes very strong will and focus to achieve the best from life and it’s not all of us that are willing to pay the price some things are worth and especially the big things like peace of mind.

I find it difficult to sit during the day when I have a headache or any form of lowness or tiredness because I find they only get worse instead, so going for a walk or attending to my plants will always change the pace for me and those are the times I get to see what’s worrying me or my internal dissapointments, which is always something I didn’t get to complete.

And there goes changing for me. Always something to experience in every day and there goes personal growth.


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