Choosing self

Most ordinary people with ordinary lives are not accustom to choosing self for most of their live as the job, the family, the partner, the children and the home becomes priority at all times and the word responsibility is often used to keep us in this cycle. This is where midlife crisis comes in or major challenges like illness and life changing events, step in to say stop or slow down and this is where major changes happen, just like that.

Why do we choose to live our lives in these dramatic do cycles that are mostly passed down from one generation to the next?

Why don’t we question these ways of living and doing things?

They keep us in the illusion of safety and following instead of leading in our own unique ways and thinking and beliefs, that we have no choice in most areas of our own lives.

We can start to change these beliefs by adding one thing that we will do for me only, in our busy diaries either each day or week. I started this week and the reward have been more than great. It was my choice to make and I made it 😉.


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