How are the plans feeling?

Have you done anything towards making any of those goals real?

Even as a small child, I knew I was not meant for a small life as my surroundings displayed. The drawings and sewing I did kept those dreams alive in my mind. I was an obsessive reader, I read everything I could, because I was curious about the world outside my little home towns and tiny island. Hollywood movies made me dream that I would have my own therapist to talk with and tell the experiences that I was having as a child, so that I wouldn’t have to live with them, for them to be a part of me

My dream to become an international fashion designer was what kept me going as I grew. Sketching was what kept my dreams alive and got me pushing through every unpleasant experience.

Seeing our dreams in our minds eye is what I think forms our personality and keep us going forward for them, it’s what keeps go getters going and achieving. I think people who just sees what’s happening around them and keep their focus on them, is what separates wealthy people and poor people. One sees what could happen and the other sees only what have and hopes for change like a lottery win. (Action is change happening while hoping and praying stays still).

A person that only looks at the physical world, lives a small life and the person that looks with their mind’s eye, changes the world for a big life.

Keep motivated by your actions in 2018 with your minds eye towards the person you really are.


@IMA 2018.

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