New year, new beginnings

For most of 2017 I was unable to write in any form as I was just numb for most of it. I felt really blocked and the only creative part of my mind that was alive, was for jewellery making.

I saw a lot that I liked and not enough that I would buy or wear them, so I decided to make my own from semi precious stones and crystals. I think I have more than ten sets of necklaces with matching earrings now and a couple more that haven’t been designed yet.

Friends say I should turn it into a business though I can’t see this new hobby as such. I think there are things we do because we can other because we love to and I see the same in everything we do from day to day like jobs, health, relationships, spiritual practices, family and the list goes on. For some strange reason I saw and felt the new year to be one that’s different from any other and it just feels mysterious. I suddenly feel the need to start doing the things I had abandoned like writing again and reach out to more people than I have always planned and never got the courage to.

First I started in my family WhatsApp group then my website and lastly my diary and yet I felt something was not done and it turned out to be my blog.

A Facebook friend requested that I take up a cold water shower challenge he was starting. I was a bit hesitant to say yes and as I thought of it, I realised that I have never entered any change apart from the personal ones I set myself in the past, so I said yes a day later after watching The Iceman video and remembered that an other friend sent it to me last year for motivation. This challenge is set for everyday for one month.

After my first cold shower I realised that I have not felt like that for over ten years!

It’s that mental strength I used to feel in the gym when it was a must in my life, for me to function. That inner voice daring me to achieve a goal I set myself, it was this invigorating feeling inside me that nothing was impossible so much so that the headache I got from the cold water was just a nagging discomfort in the background and it felt like a price I would be willing to pay every day for the rest of my life. It got me thinking that no one round me would be willing to go to the gym with me for a work out or even think twice about trying the cold water challenge. The friends that would are living some distance away. For the first time in a very long time that I had ideas coming up so fast that I couldn’t write fast enough to get them on paper. It’s been six days now in the challenge and every day is a different experience, we are meant to start at thirty seconds and add ten on each day and I have been adding minutes instead. I am up to seven and a half minutes now on my sixth day.

The aim is to use deep breathing to control the body’s functions with the mind, to be able to produce body heat at will and relax the body through extreme external shocks. The benifits are humorous and all of which I need now and have been yearning for years without being able to name them. Through this so fast, I realise that for me, if I am not changing myself in some way physical then my drive and purpose becomes wishes.

To conclude, our bodies and minds needs challenges to grow and expand, without personal challenges we just live wishful lives without genuine passion. The word passion was annoying me to here speaks say and now I see why. I got headaches twice in this challenge and I have been waking up with then for over two months now and it’s only today that I realised that my body needs to detox so my next challenge is to eat everything in my kitchen before shopping for herbs and alkaline vegetables for my juice fast.

What a start to my new year?

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